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RCM Rotated Turbo Fitting Kit
Enlarge RCM Rotated Turbo Fitting Kit

RCM's twisted turbo up/downpipe kit was designed in house to combat the problem of a lack of space around the Impreza turbochargers standard position which ultimately limits the size of turbocharger which can be fitted to the Impreza range. This in turn caps the potential power that the car is able to produce. 

Our Twisted Turbo kit turns the turbo position through 45 degrees which allows for a much taller and wider unit to be installed for big power gains. As with all of our parts our kit is built to last and has been developed over a period of years in order to perfect its performance. Built from high grade stainless steel and utilising state of the art production methods the RCM Twisted turbo kit offers high levels of strength and rigidity to ensure durability over many years. However its ingenious slip jointed downpipe also allows for a degree of movement under extreme heat which reduces the risk of damage to the pipework and welds. 

The comprehensive kit is supplied with everything required for a quick and straight forward fitment and comprises of :-

4 Bolt Stainless Steel slip jointed 3" two piece downpipe assembly

T3 3 bolt Stainless Steel Up Pipe with slip jointed External Wastegate take off pipe

Turbo to downpipe gasket

Up Pipe to turbo gasket

3 Bolt header to up pipe gasket

Downpipe to centre pipe gasket

2x Manifold to head gaskets

2x Stainless steel mounting brackets

All required nuts, bolts, studs and springs.

When used in conjunction with a Garrett GT35 turbo and other supporting modifications such as forged engine, ECU remap, front mounted intercooler etc this kit can easily support around 700bhp.

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