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You Are Here: » Syvecs S6PNP Subaru Plug & Play Ecu's
Syvecs S6PNP Subaru Plug & Play Ecu's
Enlarge Syvecs S6PNP Subaru Plug & Play Ecu's

Main features at a glance:

4 Individual Ignition and Fuel maps
Fully sequential control of fueling and timing.
Batch firing and wasted spark ignition.
Individual cylinder TDC definition
Idle control, closed or open loop
Cam control, closed or open loop, up to 4 camshafts.
Rpm limit : 20000 RPM
Fully configurable Data logging with individual choice of logging channels and frequencies.
Fully mappable Wastegate control, with gear dependent boost maps.
Launch Control - Retard and Fuel cut strategies.
Traction control - Fully programmable slip targets.
Drive by wire
Knock control - Basic retard standard, fully mappable an optional extra.
Full throttle shift cut - Open and closed loop, full programmable
Anti lag - 4 ALS Calibrations, EGT dependency, Jacked open throttle idle control, ALS Initiation strategy.
Full 3D mappable Nitrous control, Wet and dry systems.
Crankshaft/Cam Signal Oscilloscope with sync loss capture
User Programmable linearization of all sensor inputs.
Battery Voltage compensations
Upgradeable firmware
CAN Bus interface
Configurable I/O
Hall & VR Crank/Cam sensor compatible


MY '93-'96 / V1-V2
MY '97-'98 / V3-V4
MY '99-'00 / V5-V6
MY '01-'05 UK / MY '01-'07 JDM...................NOW AVAILABLE
MY '06-'07 UK Fly By Wire Throttle..............Call For Availibility

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